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An integral part of Ayodhya Eye Hospital is its community outreach programmes like screening eye camps, school eye health programme, and refraction camp. All of these provide different strategies for taking eye care service to the doorstep of the community.

An effective outreach programme is targeting approximately 2.5 million people living in this geographical region. The outreach department organizes camps in rural & remote areas and patients are screened for eye diseases. Particular attention is paid to children under 15 years. As children in particular are affected with Vitamin-A deficiency and resulting Xerophthalmia, outreach workers visit local schools under the school screening camp to detect preventable cases of blindness.


Through screening camps, medical teams reach patients in rural areas. The team carries necessary instruments and screens the patients for Eye disorders. Once the screening is done, patients diagnosed for cataract are counseled for surgery & are transported to Ayodhya Eye Hospital at Ayodhya. On discharge patients are transported back to the camp site .All the relevant investigations, surgery and medicines post-operatively are provided free, Patients with disorders like glaucoma, vitreo retinal diseases or children with refractive errors are referred to the hospital. The beneficiaries of this camp are the poor people who can not afford quality eye surgery.

On an average12 to 14 camps are organized in a month. In each camp the team from Ayodhya Eye Hospital examines about 50-100 patients. The post-operative review patient is also done at the camp spot during the subsequent month. Hence patient undergoing surgeries through the camps in the hospital are not required to travel to the hospital unless required.

Year No. of Camps OPD Surgeries
2004 8 1,252 292
2005 28 6,934 885
2006 67 13,544 1,489
2007 116 17,024 2,678
2008 91 12,294 1,917
2009 81 9,744 1,650
2010 141 11,774 1,908
2011 171 14735 2782
2012 207 15886 3385
2013 240 18386 4106
March 2014 88 7849 1984

What is DBCS?

The full form of DBCS is District Blindness Control Society which comes under NPCB (a Central government programmme, in the name of National Programme for control of blindness)


"To achieve the maximum reduction in avoidable blindness in the district through optimal utilization of available resources in the district”. With support of DBCS Faizabad the Ayodhya Eye Hospital has been doing 3-4 camps per week and performing quality surgeries. 

2009 12 94
2010 89 1467
2011 98 1884
2012 104 2454
2013 126 2730
March 2014 57 1447
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